Are You Ready for Meditation?

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Are You Ready for Meditation?

Oh how this world is being filled with so many guided meditations and thoughts about meditation. Which can help and aid to a point. To truly experience meditation, first do you not need be ready? Do you first need be open and willing? Because what is meditation if it is tainted with your old thoughts or someone elses?

So guided meditations can help you experience deeper levels of calm and peace. They can help prepare you for the real thing in the same manner as a flight simulator can help prepare you to fly. But to actually get up in the air, you need to let go of the simulator and get up in the sky.

That is when we come in. To help and aid you towards entering the silence within, where true meditation is revealed.

If you notice, we are not here to tell you what to believe or do. And we are not here to tell you what meditation is, that is child’s play. For, no one can not tell you such things. That would be a thought, an idea and concept. It can not be told, it must be experienced. And you must be ready for that experience. If you are not, you will only continue with the patterns that you have been performing on a habitually daily basis. You will merely only accept what you think, what you expect, but it is not what you think or expect. Therefore you will not be actually experiencing it itself but merely a memory or old thought.

Meditation is about change from what you have known thus far through your experiences. It is about growth through journeying inside yourself to face yourself. It is about knowing yourself. And so, if you carry the same assumptions, will you really get to truly know yourself? If you hold on to what you have been told, how else will know anything else?

Are you not a part of the silence? Does silence dwell within you?

What if there was something to be heard inside of silence itself?

Does this ring a bell?

Does this strike a cord?

So, the question remains. Are you ready for meditation?

If you are not, that is okay. Honesty is said to be the best policy, especially with yourself.

You may not be able to control directly how truthful others are to you but you have complete control over how honest and truthful you are to yourself.

So, are you ready to open yourself up to the possibilities?

Are you ready to shed your old skin, so to speak, and become more. Knowing more through experiencing more.

To write the last chapter of your old story and begin the grand work of creating a new story for yourself.

Aguas Buenas Botanicas suggests to resolve any lingering issue inside of meditation rather than walk around with them. Why travel with such heavy baggage when there is no need?

It does not matter what type of story you have been living. Do you not want to see, for yourself, if it is possible for you to change that?

Maybe you have been diagnosed with cancer or another serious dis-ease. Maybe you are facing death and you are becoming uncomfortably aware of just how little time you have here.

Maybe you believe in what they say as God, maybe you believe in what is said as the universe. You can and shall receive once you open yourself up.

Maybe you don’t believe that you can meditate. Maybe you don’t believe that you can calm your body and mind. Maybe you don’t believe that you are worthy. Maybe you don’t believe in yourself. That is okay.

The question remains, are you ready to see what is possible?

Are you ready to sit with Master Shane even though this thoughts have controlled your past?

Are you open and willing to unconditionally love yourself. To pay attention to yourself for some time. To listen to yourself and get to know yourself. Because who knows, maybe you might actually like yourself. Maybe you might love spending time with yourself.

Maybe, just maybe, you might not be afraid of yourself and your power.

So, will you make a decision and answer the question right now?

Are you ready to experience what they call meditation?

Take action now

Don’t wait for what you can do for yourself now.

Support is here, contact us today.

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