Personal Mentoring Through Bodhi Yuj

Experience the most profound 30 days of your life thus far.

Propel yourself forward, where you need to be, right now.

Receive personal mentoring and guidance like never before. We are all at a different point in life and so personal guidance is needed sometime.

Most exceptional performers receive personal mentoring. Lets just say most rather than all to leave out any assumption.

Not only do we need that personal touch but we yearn for it. It helps us see for ourselves where we need to focus from a different perceptive and set of experiences.

Our Bodhi Yuj system and method has proven to be unbreakable and highly effective. It will produce results to those who fully surrender and commit to themselves.

Work on yourself where you are!

Enroll through our Distant Programs through Tele-conference calls.

There is no failure in Bodhi Yuj.

It is completely different, original and there is no other.

Learn through experience to become that attraction. Move beyond that which the book can show you.

 It is time to put all your pieces together

Begin integrating the most empowering practice to see results you have only dreamed of thus far.

Turn your dreams into reality. Be personally guided and shown how you can do that.

Release anything that is holding you back.

Even though everything is alive including the books, they still can not provide the necessary personal mentoring that is required at one point in time.

They help to a level, and then you must move past that level as there is no end. There is no plateau.

Everything here is in motion

Which way are you moving?

How are your results?

The method is important as it can be within your moral standards. It doesn’t matter what the method and practice is if it can not take you to where you need to be. If it can not produce those desired results.

30 Day Call to Action Group Program 

For the movers and shakers in the world

Limited positions accepted, this is not for everyone.


-Initial Free Consultation with a couple options offered

-Total of 6 hours of lectures

-Nightly 30 minute group meetings over phone that may be extended up to an hour if necessary

– Weekly personal meetings over phone with Grandmaster and Master Teacher

Learn and receive

– Empowering integrative practice

– How to attract

– How to shift everything around you

– Empowering yourself

– Obtain clarity and focus

– How to plan and build proper strategies

– Piecing everything together for you

There is also an option for strictly personal mentoring without any group.

This program is extended 2 weeks for a total of 6 weeks duration.

Interested? Contact us today for details.

Don’t get lost in the details, Know what you want.



Move and Build Momentum Now!

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