This free online temple is a place of peace and compassion. Where anyone of any faith can go to sit with themselves and allow source to flow within them. May no harm ever be done. We wish peace and blessings to all.

  • We work on ourselves and so are able to share something that we have obtained, to help a person along their own journey.  It is of the art of work, or art of yoga. The union in which, people speak about. Not merely looking for gain or loss in ones work endeavor or act. Doing to do, bringing awareness to oneself.



Aguas Buenas Botanicas strongly suggest that you light a candle for 30 days and allow healing to happen.

If you are in need of intense healing, we suggest that you light candle and stare at picture in free online temple for 30 minutes in length, two times per day. You may visit for as long and often as you like and feel.

And so, this picture is infused directly from source, as everything can be and is.

Please read instructions below picture.

May your body be at peace.

May your mind be at ease.

Allow source to flow

and wash away yesterday


Those who have breath, have life.

And that is a miracle in itself, yes.

Blessings to all

Please read instructions below picture.

Click Photo to enter inside free online temple



 Temple Instructions

This free online temple is designed for anyone of any faith to visit and receive for themselves free healing.

Take 3 long deep breaths in and slowly exhale. Then, repeat this sentence, “I surrender and let go of everything.”

Allow everything to release. Please spend at least 3 mintues doing this part of the exercise.

We also suggest that you fill out the form to allow us to know what you are requesting healing for.

Once we receive the email Master will infuse your request with healing from source.

This healing will be processed for 2 weeks. Please feel free to submit your request again after that time.

You may also visit this page anytime to just sit and receive without sending an email.


Please just sit in free online temple and allow your mind to shift in focusing on the labeled problem. We help shift the mind and allow it to ease and calm. Just state that you surrender, (to whatever faith inside) and let go of everything. Allow everything to release.


Bring in your own faith and ask that you may be, ask to connect to that higher power. (Example: “By the power and creator, I ask to connect with this internal light to shine down throughout my body. I am whole. I am divine. I am one. I am open to receive.”)


Click Photo to enter online temple. 




Disclamer: Aguas Buenas Botanicas does not take any medical responsibility. We strongly suggest that you continue your doctors care and instruction. We work on an energy perceptive with our main goal of bringing body to homeostasis. Helping to relax the body and ease the mind through anything you may be experiencing.

Sometimes it has taken time and so it will take time. Please understand that if you have breath, there is opportunity. We will not turn away anyone in need.




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