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Aguas Buenas Botanicas offers meditation methods for all.

Through which, many gates and passageways will open.

We hope that the clear waters may provide for all.

That body returns to homeostasis and establishes itself in a state of well being.

This method may be integrated into your preexisting one, as well as your faith inside yourself.

We are not asking you to change your beliefs. That can only be done by you.

We are here to provide techniques and methods that are constantly being developed to assist all aspects of oneself. For vitality, vigor, alertness, happiness, peace and inner strength. Bringing awareness to oneself through our meditation techniques. Will have more body and mind awareness.

Providing guidance to go within yourself for the answer.

What if, you already had it?

Meditation is a great resource and tool for us, as human beings to use to better our lives and experiences.

At a certain point, we understand life as a form of meditation. And so, everything we do throughout the day is a form of meditation.

To come to some level of acceptance and union inside yourself.

It is far better to resolve personal issues in meditation rather than walk around with them.

As we come to know for ourselves, there are many levels of experience.

Accepting the stillness and motion of life, becoming one with them both in balance through harmony.

Just sitting and releasing everything. Allowing yourself to just sit and receive fully.

Whatever power you believe in, you are connected to that.

Science has come a long way and has benefited society. There is still a part unknown though. And so we acknowledge that there is something in silence, that there is something beating our hearts. And if we allow our minds to settle, we will know that for ourselves.

Meditation allows us to do this anywhere in the world. Anywhere in the world, we may sit and receive directly from that source that beats our heart. Bodhi Yuj offers daily meditation worldwide. In which anyone may become a basic practitioner and integrate it. There is a time for everything and as we move through the day, it has its own seasons. One of these is for self healing and care. Especially as an energy healer or worker, one needs proper deliberate personal practice to develop oneself in realization and capability.

Become a basic worldwide practitioner

Everyone needs basic opening to begin integrating practice. We initiate basic practitioners every Friday.

This means that you accept source, by what you know and believe it to be.

That you can personally integrate and practice our method. A basic practitioner is not fully trained to teach others our method. They may share their experiences. This method is designed and constantly being developed to bring about phenomenal personal transformation and self healing.

As we begin to also understand the true nature of change, we understand the power upon focusing on ourselves.

We want to provide a platform for anyone serious in self healing to have access to such techniques.

Must email and will be given call in number and time for basic opening. We can call any number in U.S.A or Puerto Rico. Otherwise, we provide call in number with pass code for tele-conference over phone. Using skype may be possible as well. Just email us and we will do our best to help. We do not want to turn away anyone.

Inside email, please state, full name, age, and location. Also that I wish to become basic worldwide practitioner.

Worldwide Meditation Times:

7 a.m. in India

8 p.m. in Asia (adjusted to 8 p.m. Singapore time)
(Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia
adjust their times to coincide with Singapore time 8 p.m.)

8 p.m. in UK (Greenwich Meridian Time)
Those in All European, and all African time zones, please adjust your
sitting time to coincide with the 8 p.m. UK (GMT)

10 p.m. Eastern Time in the Americas and for the Caribbean (April thru
9 p.m. Central Time
8 p.m. Mountain Time
7 p.m. Pacific Time


Set a timer for one hour. Make sure it isn’t loud.
Please email to sign up .Sit in a comfortable position and state to yourself with eyes closed ,

“I am relaxed” 3 times. Then state “I want to join in universal healing meditation.”

Sit and just breathe in thru nose and out. Pay attention to your body at all times.

Do not control breathing.

Tongue to roof of mouth.

Any sensations pictures or emotions allow this to go do not pay attention.

Your body will go thru a lot of sensations and feelings remember you are fine.

At the end of the hour slowly pay attention to body, slowly open eyes. Then rub hands together. Touch top of head. Touch your face. Rub on ears.


q Do I need to change my faith?

a No, whatever faith you are, that is fine.

q Is everyone accepted?

a Yes, everyone is accepted.

q Do I need to wear certain clothing when out?

a No, you may wear as you wish.

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