master shane

Master Shane

Master Shane is master teacher and teachings keeper for Aguas Buenas Botanicas.

Through years of study and practice, he is here standing and sharing. His efforts have been in spiritual understanding and development. He has used many tools and finds that he receives from everything everywhere now. And that there are many ways to go successfully through life. He now seeks to share his experience and help aid forth.

Through direct practice, he has seen the importance of ones spiritual practice. As growing up, he did not receive. Providing him space to grow organically. Through his own path he has come to see deeper meaning in all faiths and religions. And that one’s own spirituality is critical, one’s own faith is of the utmost importance. One’s own happiness is in their own hands. It is up to our own self, to accept the blessings of now.

To be understood,


What is going on inside of us, matters so much. It matters what type of thoughts we feed, what emotions we act out. It matters what we choose to believe and life we put up with.

It all adds up and matters. It matters who we are becoming now.

We are more than who we think. More than the roles and hats we play so much in life.

In Search for Happiness and Understanding.

If one statement could sum up Master Shane’s journey thus far, that would be it.

For this is the beginning that was sparked by a deep desire to be happy. Nothing else seemed to matter to young Shane.

A world of confusion born into him, he set off to understand the mind for he thought that would be the key. Very little did nor does he know what truly lies ahead of him.

Looking at the faces of those around him, it was easy to see the forced, clenched smiles of unhappy people. The non relative advice of walking books.

Embracing his own path, he set out for self study. Knowing for some reason that he must find it inside of himself, he closed himself off from society and pushed on learning on how to be happy with just what is needed.

Looking for understanding, he would meditate and fast frequently.

One day he received a request and message asking if he was open to meditating over the phone. WIthout hesitation, he happily accepted to get on the phone with what seemed at the time a complete stranger. He was guided through a meditation and afterwards offered a program to help him move forward in life. He kindly accepted and began working. This was the first encounter with Grandmaster A-Chi-To, or was it?

He was instructed to develop a meditation practice at night for an hour and that he would be included in a universal meditation. That was the most important part, to just sit every night. Moving fast from the start, a lot of things quickly changed. Spiritual experiences were enhanced while a lot of scattered energy was being released.