Services Offered by Master Shane

Booking Sessions

Services listed below are offered by Master Shane, whose services will aid all individuals.

Services are not of any specific faith but rather neutral in nature, allowing the individual to use that faith that dwells inside of them.

In-person sessions are available in Green Bay, WI at this time.

As well as distant sessions via teleconference and Skype calls.

Several session offerings are available at this point in time.

– Healing Sessions

– Meditation Lesson Sessions

– Personal Mentorship Programs

– Understanding and Managing Bipolar Disorder

– Relieving Grief

– Depression Suppression

-Business and Personal Evaluations

If any listed services have stood out for you, please email us with what interests you.

As services are personalized, so is the fee. Fees will be communicated personally.

Healing Research Institute

Energy Healing Clinic Menu

Hours of Operation

Wednesdays: 11 – 2pm & 5 – 8 pm     Saturdays 12 – 3

1026 9th St Farmhouse Room 3, Green Bay, WI 54304

First come First Served

Slice of Spiritual Bread                            $15 Cash $ Debit/Credit

Rainbow Balance Shot                           $15 Cash $20 Debit/Credit

Sunflower Surprise Salad                      $15 Cash $20 Debit/Credit

Voodoo Hoodoo Whoodoo Sandwich  $15 Cash  $20 D/Credit

Negativity Be Gone Smoothie             $15 Cash $20 Debit/Credit


Energy Soup of the Day

Cup   $15       Bowl $25


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