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time for a change

Ready To Make A Change

Experience Bodhi Yuj

When is enough enough? Usually this is what it takes for one to make a change. It can seem very difficult to make a change in today’s world. Though things are not always what they seem.

The reality is that we have been acquiring many habits, emotions, associations and identifications and letting go is not one of them. Learning to let go is a step towards making a change because so often we try to add more into our lives without first subtracting.

In the east they have an old wise saying, empty your cup. Which contains great wisdom in the sense that we have been filled with so much information and to learn more we need to unlearn a bit. To empty our minds and not have so many thoughts running. Its like having tons of tabs open on the computers browser.

There is a growing movement and awareness with affirmations and positive thinking. Which is good. As science has shown, we have roughly 50,000 thoughts per day. So if one were to deliberately and consistently practice positive affirmations throughout the day, how many thoughts are they really over riding completely?

This is not to say there is benefit, but to say that it is only a part. To fully make a change one needs the full recipe. To truly make a change one should also become more aware of the autopilot and past programming. Which is a huge part of successful methods in teaching older people.

You can teach an old dog new tricks so to speak though the proper method is needed. Because as one goes through experiences, there are habits formed. So to truly learn one must first learn that which they have learned and unlearn that so that they can truly learn.

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