How Has My Life and Self Changed Thus Far

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How Has My Life and Self Changed Thus Far?

Contemplating upon this question brings much gratitude my way. For the changes are self evident for me.
Outwardly it may not seem as much as I am experiencing within me. There are more things that I do see, especially who I once was. I realized this before that usually when things are “bad”, it is worse than what we think. Though there is another aspect where we usually think it is much worse than what we think.

It has helped to transform by not really realizing how much I was suffering before. Because it has become habit for us to put ourselves down.
And knowing how much I was suffering would of made it harder to not put myself down.

It does not matter where we start and where we are right now, in the sense of judgement. The judgement is the progress that we have made with where we were placed and what we were given. We do need to properly identify our current placement to build the right map and move forward.

Stronger Foundation

My perception continues to expand and deepen allowing me to see much more. Consciously practicing consistently and persistently  for many years now has started to take over where it has passed the breaking point and become my new program. Meaning that it is something that I just do now, it’s automatic and on demand.

I see and feel more deeply. Many are negatively programmed and multi faced. Meaning they have many masks, like living a double life. I have experienced many who like to seem positive and nice though inside they are far from. This is the reality that becoming the teachings is not easy. And this is what I aspire if I were to have any aspiration.

It’s like growing up, we use to play and kid around with each other through trash talking. Like it was cool to be mean to each other as “friends”. But if its something you do every day, is there a point where it causes harm? We might say that we have good intentions but this does not justify nor cease any harm that may arise from such behavior. Harm is harm.

Much Stronger Concentration and Focus

Through the sitting practice and mental detox, I am absolutely amazed at how much control I have over my mind. I have complete control over my mind. Through watching the mind, I have become incredibly aware of it. And through persistent re-focus has developed my concentration to new heights. Inspiration and determination just flow through me. I am always inspired and motivated now. My endurance throughout the day has noticeably increased. I go strong all day and night. Once in awhile I still allow myself to “veg” out and “relax” by watching a movie or something. Though I am more motivated to sit in silence when I can. Will express more of this and paste a link here.

Increased Inner Strength/Willpower

Through building a stronger foundation has increased my inner strength and will power. Part of the reason why I have so much control over my mind now is because my will power and sense of contentment is stronger. I am at complete peace. So when an urge or desire arises within the mind, I need not follow it. I can just let it pass and focus the mind where I feel appropriate.

Deeper Within My Practice and Inner Self

So much that it is way beyond the point of return. Nothing can separate me from my inner self for I am truly one within now as I have always been. My experience shows me without a doubt. This relates to the sense of contentment that is cultivated through the practice of. To be content in this moment as it is. Is an experience that is unexplainable.

Many think that they have an addictive personality though I would say its not the personality, its attachment and conditioning. If all you knew your whole life was pleasing the senses of the mind then how would you know anything about non attachment. You are identifying yourself as something that someone else made up. You can continue down that path if you wish though I would not suggest it.

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