Bodhi Yuj Life Coaching 

Life coaching simplified with a personal touch

Looking to transform life into a beautiful, meaningful, and empowering experience?

Ready to become who you can be?

Life Coaching – to help enrich and empower an individual and their life.


Many people are speaking about life coaching these days as many are benefiting from it. It divides into the personal and professional life. It can be a combination but these are the two main arenas that life coaching helps.

Improving personal life makes improving professional life a lot easier. 

There can be a wide range of areas in your life that you want to improve. It may be health related, financial, relationship, professional, family, mental or anything.

First being able to ask for help and listen to someone with a different skill set and experience has benefits in itself. One who is too proud of themselves to ask for help will surely fall hard. And as their are no regulations and requirements for certifications for a life coach, your experience of that is what matters.

In reality, it is not about the certification or training before but what is happening right now.

What you are able to do right now.

So what can life coaching through the Bodhi Yuj system do for you, right now?

Our method and process is highly unique and developed. We understand the need for personal mentoring and self identification. Being able to see, for yourself, where you are.

Helping you with your personal understanding. First what is life?

Understanding change, that change starts by changing the habit now.

Providing you with tools to help bring about personal and professional transformation, getting you to where you want to be. Where you know you can be in life deep down in your heart.

Doing all of this while keeping it simple. We do not want to overwhelm you or make it complicated when it doesn’t have to be.

Because change is not hard, its natural. 

And that is what this is all about, change.

Changing your level of experience, level of focus, level of happiness, level of love, level of prosperity, and level of connection with friends and family.

To help make change for the better, becoming a better you, that you are.

We all want to make this world a better place and that can only be done by bettering ourselves.

And to better ourselves, we need to first know ourselves.

That is what makes our life coaching different. We help you identify where you are and know yourself.

You already know where you want to be. So, once you know where you are right now and who you are.

Nothing can stop you. What are you waiting for?

What do you want?

email us at

Get on a free call, experience our method at no cost to you. We fully believe in our method from what it has done for us and others already. So try something different, something new but yet strangely familiar.

We do also provide group coaching as that can be beneficial. Especially working with families so if you are open and willing to move the family forward. We have packages for you. Give our method a try, get on a call.

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