Life Coaching with Master Shane

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Resolve old standing and lingering issues.

Feel as if things have been going on for years?

Looking for the answer even though you may not be able to put your finger on it.

Try something new and who knows, you might get a different result. Though don’t look for the result to look for the result.


Learn to hack your own mind and body for the betterment through harmony.

Break the old pattern and snap into the moment. Learn to take responsibility and shift your energy. Get the engine running like never before. This is not your typical tape job. For those who are serious about planting a new garden in the mind. To finally pull the old roots still popping up.


Master Shane is opening the door to personal mentorship, to share and help others in the flowering of life through our HACK program. This is not just your goal setting life coaching program. Must be willing to step in the unknown. To get a little agitated, move out of the perceived comfort zone and do some serious blossoming.


Now accepting applications. Everyone must submit a 500 minimum letter describing current health, wealth and relations in life. Send to


Cost for this program is $750. Sit on the sidelines and watch or come jump on the field and blossom yourself. You are ready, let’s roll!

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