Support and strength is found here. No matter where you find yourself, Aguas Buenas Botanicas is here to help. We provide a range of techniques to help balance body, mind and spirit. Our 21 point meditation technique is very powerful. We hope to create an environment of compassion and peace for anyone who seeks refuge and guidance. To help provide the necessary individual support needed with their own faith. May truth be upon you now.


Mission of Aguas Buenas Botanicas

-To assist those in need. Provide the way of personal understanding. Understanding about emotions, mind, and oneself.

To help people let go of fear, worry, and doubt. The need to live in moment, experience life, live, laugh, and smile.

For if you have breath, you are alive and that is a beautiful thing.


Vision of Aguas Buenas Botanicas

To touch the lives of everyone we meet. Let people understand that there is a solution, they have the answer. Healing and peace has never left. By speaking heart to heart, one by one. Listening, sharing compassion, and providing that much needed personal touch.


Ask Question and Receive Answer 

You may enter our support room and ask any serious spiritual or healing question.

Childish behavior is not welcome and will not be tolerated.

This is an environment intended for compassion, acceptance, and peace.

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