Aguas Buenas Botanicas focuses on bringing awareness to oneself, self healing and journeying within to receive.

According to current popular dictionaries, healing means to make whole or sound.

No matter what you may be going through and experiencing, we want to provide support.

To help bring peace throughout the body and mind. Allowing healing to naturally occur.


When one is whole and sound, miracles happen every day, in the blink of an eye.




We provide free healing to anyone in need. Basic meditation technique to improve your daily experiences.


Aguas Buenas Botanicas would like to help bring awareness, especially to the much broader realm and scope of healing, self healing to be more specific. With proper understanding, one can see how their own thoughts, emotions and actions are shaping their experience.

Nourishment is in your general speech.


You have the power to heal inside of you.


Once that understanding is fully realized for yourself, you will never go a day without.

Whatever you search for, you know that it is done, it is given, provided always.

Through master shanes own experiences of states of despair and hopelessness, he is able to share something.

Through understanding for himself, the reality of such mental states of mind.

Even though things may seem dark and endless, there is light somewhere, something is giving you breath.

You are alive, somehow, for some reason.

And there is peace inside of you, always.


The experience and state of mind when someone wishes to not be alive, when they clearly are. Is not one of laughing matters. Maybe somehow it has happened over night. There is a part unknown to us in life. Even as advanced as science today, there is still a part unknown. To beable to feel okay and in a place of peace is a high blessing. We would like to establish and provide that to anyone in need.


No matter how much worry you have accumulated.

It can be cast out. You can let it go, release it now.

Anyone of any faith in any place, can walk in love, always.

They can walk their own true path and understanding for themselves.

That they may know themselves and share compassion



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