Healing Research Institute – To help further develop the understanding and methods of healing for all.

To help develop safe methods and techniques without having to make a theory bulletproof.

Science has come a long way and helped advanced our society. There is still a part unknown and we must accept this to fully accept life. If one person receives and heals from a method then why can not another?

There are so many variables and each person is different as an individual. Our main goal is to help people in bringing their body into homeostasis, where it is able to heal itself.

To help people relax body and ease mind. Providing safe, effective, and universal methods of healing.


What is more important than your family and its well being?

We understand the need for personal care and understanding. Each person is different and what is needed varies.

Life can seem overwhelming, uncertain, and stressful at times. We help bring peace to body and mind.

No matter what you are experiencing or going through, there is peace inside of you.


Have you been affected by other peoples words?

Do the same events and situations over play in your head?

Does it seem like certain thoughts and emotions control your life?

Do you have a tough time relaxing?

Do other people make you mad, angry, or crazy?

Do you find yourself worrying a lot about others?

Do you often question how other people can be so happy?



Have  you been going through emotions, any sickness, or illness?

Are you open to changing that?


Walking through life, we interact and share with others. People speak so many things and sometimes they do not know what or who is speaking. These sayings and things may stick to us without fully being aware.




Are you interested in learning our method and healing system?

Now accepting applications for apprenticeships for our energy school.

Training will be done online and through phone.

Send email to aguasbuenasbotanicas@gmail.com with a 500 – 1000 word essay on your intention and ability.



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