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  • Aguas Buenas Botanicas provides free distant healing requests worldwide. We want to provide support for all in need any where in the world. There are certain basic programs and paid ones as you get overall better off. We understand the need for such healing services. With our unique and highly developed integrative healing method Bodhi Yuj, true healing is here, within you.

Are you or anyone you know in need of energy healing. To help relax body and ease mind. Our main goal is to assist the body in establishing itself back into the state of homeostasis. Please continue your doctors care and integrate this method.

We help bring awareness using meditation techniques and live discussions. Allowing truth to be resolved within you.

Providing that personal touch is sometimes needed, that ability to provide what the individual needs are. We want to listen and speak heart to heart. Its more about self healing than certifications and helping others. Yes, we all want to help others but first we have to make sure our needs are taken care of first. Only when we are strong within can others become inspired for themselves through our example.

So, always write as an email if you feel like it,

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If you would like specific healing, let us know.

Aguas Buenas Botanicas offers free distant healing request service worldwide. This is done for 2 week period per request, another may be requested after 2 week period. We ask that you use the free online temple daily as well as light a candle for healing. These practices themselves will help you. As it has taken time to get where you are, it might take time.

It is much more beneficial to sit just 10 minutes twice a day in free online temple after lighting a candle than try for longer sessions while missing any days. Anyone in need of intense healing is asked to sit 30 minutes twice a day in free online temple.

Free distant healing requests are sent directly from source by experienced master.

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