When Is Enough Enough?

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When is enough enough?

When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
This is not just in a relationship though that is an important point. Though this is not about giving up, its about not giving up on you and your dreams.

It is about getting to the point of making true change. When you are done just playing around and are ready for real change. So if you are experiencing pain or hurt in anyway, you can use it. Many people who have carved their way into the spotlight and success have done so through much uncomfortableness. Maybe it was the final straw of a relationship and the experience that led to a hit song. Maybe it was years of being picked on that fueled the necessary journey inward. Maybe its the years of depression that spark the deep value of happiness. Maybe its years of neglect that has dawned a new sense of care and passion for life.

Whatever you are experiencing, use it!
It can either be a blessing or a curse, you decide.

Change is a natural part of life. And through our journey there are many transformations. A huge one for me was realizing how to use everything. How to really use the experiences and uncomfortableness to propel you to the next level. But this means going into your pain, experience it. Whatever it is.

Though in today’s world, we are blessed with many distractions and means to bring us temporary relief. In today’s world it is easy to find something to take you away from what is really going on in your life. Now this can be useful but it can also be abused. When it becomes habit and you are not even aware of when you do it anymore. Not saying to dwell on your perceived problems or in the past. But to face this moment, where you are with who you are being right now. And what you need to do in life.

It has become habit to worry about other people and their life. To wonder about so and so. Not saying that is bad but that it has become habit. It is something we do so often that we are unaware of doing it anymore. Which can be very dangerous.

So when is enough enough?
How many more times must you tell yourself something only to not follow through? How many more times are you going to make an intention and not follow through? How many more branches will you swing from without realizing what tree you are in? What kind of tree do you really want?

When you feel more sick at even the thought of another chocolate chip cookie.
Have you had enough? Or do you need more?

This is something we are all involved in. Purifying ourselves as we are already pure. Building self discipline and esteem. Learning on how to fall in love with ourselves and all aspects again. Forgiving ourselves and others. Fully experiencing our connection to all that is for there is no separation. But what does that mean?

To become an honest well wisher. To overflow with joy and share compassion. To be successful in life, whatever that means for you. To realize who you really are and live up to your full potential.

When is enough enough? Because we have to be the change we wish to see because we are the change. So what is it going to take for you to make the necessary changes inside yourself that you keep pointing out in others? It is easy to be the one pointing fingers about how so and so is greedy and so and so is a liar without looking inside of yourself and seeing how you are being greedy and untruthful. Not saying that you are only you can. You are your own judge. Haven’t you noticed by now?

Support is here. When you are ready let us know and we will breathe some life back into you.

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