Energy Healing

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Energy Healing

An Introduction into Understanding Energy Healing

Energy healing seems like a new concept and thing these days. This could not be further from the truth. Although energy healing goes very deep and one could spend their whole lifetime studying such a thing and non-thing. It is also easy to understand through someone’s experience very quickly with the proper guidance. Because the reality is, children use energy work or healing all of the time.

As Einstein has shown us, everything is energy. Along with ushering in new ideas of a more holistic perceptive of ourselves and reality. Not just seeing our bodies as intricate mechanisms but as complex energy fields that interface with physical/cellular systems. What this means is that our emotions and thoughts have more influence over our bodies chemical reactions than we thought with the Newtonian model of reality.

So although energy healing has been around for a long time, our current understanding within our modern perceptive of the world is only beginning to make sense to us.

One thing to know is that you do not need to take an in depth course in order to experience and know energy healing for yourself.

In today’s world we use certain vehicles such as cars and drive along highways and roads as a means of travel. Now what is interesting is our experience of this. Even though that we are in seemly separate cars passing by others, there are still emotions and thoughts that we experience that can effect us. There is a common concept know as “road rage”. This phenomenal is very telling.

If one is not careful, they could pick up certain emotions from others while travelling in one of these cars. You could find yourself feeling frustrated or angry for seemly no reason at all. Sooner or later you could be cursing at others and causing unrealized harm.

Let us take another example to help understand this concept and what is behind it, known as energy healing or medicine.

Have you ever walked in a room and right away could tell that some type of conflict took place?

There is just something in the air.

Maybe some people were arguing or something but you noticed a huge difference when you walked in the room.

Possibly it happen when you sat in a chair.

These unresolved emotions linger on until someone takes command to resolve them. So there is a good chance that sometime in your life you have experienced something like this.


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