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(Disclaimer: Kids are used in video above to represent the inner child within all. That part of everything that is happy and excited about life naturally and openly. We are here to pick up you and allow you to see the reality. )

Are you ready?

Ok, let me ask you a question.

Say that you have two glasses before you and must choose and drink one. There is a glass of water and a glass of bleach. Now which one do you choose to drink?

This may sound funny and silly. Well, of course I would drink the glass of water.

Now what does that glass of bleach represent? What harms you just as much as that glass of bleach would, slowly and surely losing yourself.


Does it seem like everyday is a struggle just to survive?

Do you feel as if its time to let go of alcohol or other substances.

You notice the loss of control of yourself.

Do you not know where to turn or to look for help?

Are you concerned about your drinking?

You want to stop using. You keep telling yourself that this will be the last drink, that this will be the last hit only to find yourself once again using.

Would you like personal mentoring where you are immediately picked up?

Try our support group and be mentored through real ever lasting change.

No more telling yourself something and knowing that you do not believe it.



There are many escapes and ways for us to cope with the pressures and happenings of life. Where I grew up, alcohol was always socially used. It was socially accepted part of life that people partook in. It was used as a means to relate to one another.

Through the programs experiences of each individual and personal issues. We have come to know and understand the process on a different level. And the main thing is for you to experience and see if its for you. There is no cost to you so theres nothing to lose and no boundary that to limit you. If you are serious about changing yourself and life around, we are here for you.

Throughout many of our lives we are faced with harsh words uttered by many people. So many people put us down that we lose sight of where all of these things came from. As this goes on and we are not shown unconditional love, we start to believe these things about ourselves that others say. We even may start to put ourselves down when in reality, we are breathing and something believes in us.

Our main goal is to help you help yourself.

To first understand that change is possible and that change is now.

That you can in fact help yourself no matter what life situation you find yourself in.

To commit to yourself for 30 days.

It has taken time to acquire your habits and it will take some time to change and shift them completely. So we do not expect anyone to go cold turkey overnight. We want to support you without putting you down in anyway.

Its time to lift you up.

We understand that sometimes you just need someone to listen to you. Sometimes we just need someone to speak compassion and unconditional love to us back. Meaning that sharing love without expecting or looking for anything in return. Sharing sincere and honest words of hope and possibility.

So that is why we are offering support group calls for anyone. Anyone who is ready, open, and willing to commit to themselves. So often we try to do something for someone else when in reality we have to live our own life first. There is some reason why we are breathing.

This program is designed to support the person on their individual process. This is not based upon any certain belief system. It is open for you to integrate that which you believe in.

Our Personal mentoring has helped others change their lives. Could it help you change yours?


Change is not hard, it is natural and always occurring. 

If we do not know where we are, how can we get anywhere?

This support group is openly accepting and everyone is anonymous to ensure that they feel safe. That it is an environment where they can open up and heal themselves without risking harm upon them from others putting them down again when they are not ready.

Through practicing, you will become strong where other people can talk. But they can not put you down. This is the place in which we guide and mentor you. Because life is beautiful.

If there is no fee for this program and it could help you change your life for the better.

What is there to win?

Developing that self love and care.

Bringing awareness to your life.

In a way, its like that bottle of alcohol is a glass of bleach. It causes you harm and might even be aware of that. But something keeps driving you to drink. It forces you to drink more water just to balance out the bleach.


Slowly and surely the one who constantly drinks the glass of bleach will perish themselves. 


according to oxford dictionary Perish – 1 Suffer death, typically in a violent, sudden, or untimely way

Suffer complete ruin or destruction

lose its normal qualities; rot or decay

Synonyms  go bad, go off, spoilrot, go moldy, molderputrefydecaydecompose



Don’t let others drive you to drink anymore.

Take control of your life.

Build self esteem and confidence in yourself.

Get on a call and experience this support group. That is accepting, forgiving, unbounded loving, and compassionate.

As you have permission to love yourself, you begin to develop your self worth.


State you would like to join a call for committed individuals.

Classes right now are done over the phone to provide a safe environment for everybody.



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