Bodhi Yuj


“Bodhi is an abstract noun formed from the verbal root budh (to awake, become aware, notice, know or understand) corresponding to the verbs bujjhati (Pāli) and bodhati or budhyate (Sanskrit). ”       (Source)


The word itself has been translated and used as enlightenment and awakened. So what does bodhi mean? What is it? Bodhi is like the scared tree of knowledge. It is the understanding of pure manifestation from source itself. Growing branches in different directions as different expressions of that same seed. Bearing all different kind of seeds that all came from that one seed.

The universal understanding through direct experience and observation.

The understanding of all things and their nature obtained through personal experience.



-The word yoga refers to an ancient Indian body of knowledge that dates back more than 5000 years ago. It came from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to unite or integrate.”

Which leads to that part inside all of us that is whole and complete in itself. The union in which all systems move towards. It is very unique in that, it is not dependent upon anything else. It is complete and whole in itself. Everything else arises from this.

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Bodhi Yuj is the integration in which perfect wisdom is attained for oneself.

In which man becomes the Buddha nature within, the Christ consciousness inside or any other faith, universal understanding pouring outward. Where full understanding is accepted and known.



As this is a journey, we deepen our understanding of the truth, of the true reality from the reality in which we were born into through time and space. Everyone is born into their own reality and it is their duty and no one elses to rid the misunderstandings and attain the understanding of true reality, that which is truth. The undying state of things.


We must first understand that there is an end to suffering and it is always in our hands. That way is always present with us. Once we open our minds to that possibility, bodhi yuj is possible as it always is. Where we are in union, in integration with all parts (mind, body and soul as they say) for our full understanding and perfect wisdom is attained.


We are the seeds of the divine that are planted on Earth. And as we are shown and watered with truth, with love, we grow. Our feet begin to root firmly in the ground, our limbs grow and begin to blossom as we open up, reach out, share and connect through our experiences to others around us. The sweet scent of divine love fills our lungs. We bring in the frequency of the universe, of abundance, of happiness, of compassion, love, and peace.


We become these things, not just as concepts and theories but as practical experiences and knowings through our own direct experiences. That unique snowflake of the pure divine bringing outwards its beauty and wisdom. The design of perfect harmony and connection. That of mutual cooperation and communication. This is all perfectly planted within us waiting to be awaken. Its conditions do not call for us to sit underneath a bodhi tree, although that has certainly happened.

As we open up our hearts, accept, forgive others and ourselves, change our past programming, the leaves begin to manifest. Giving rise to the good fruit we are to bear. Love flows easily. Something awakes once we begin to understand our experiences and what we need to do. Taking care of our emotions and riding traumas, we truly take care of ourselves and the world around us miraculously changes for the better. Bodhi Yuj is the newest but yet the most ancient of ancient.

It is the integration, the union of all traditions in its newest form that is always here in the most practical way with no boundaries. And so it lies within all of us, waiting to be awaken. One might think that it is of eastern philosophy but it is much more than that. Words may communicate a fragment of its scent but the full sense must be experienced directly for full understanding.

We are here to assist you in journeying inside to awaken that which lies within you. Your path is of your choosing, they all led to the same point and so one must not stop for too long. It is time to release everybody else s experiences, emotions, and programmings to understand the truth that is inside of you for yourself. It is time to become the writer, it is time for Bodhi Yuj. Meet You.




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