Bodhi Yuj Basic Precepts


for Proper Practice

Man Searching

Written in love with the cosmic universal energy. To be read out loud each morning from heart.

Change will soon come to those who accept and surrender.

1) I do no harm.

2) I rid all worry and fear.

3) I surrender, I am open to receive.

4) My body is my house, I respect and nourish it well.

5) I am one with That (that which one believes in, bring in your own faith inside self).

6) I release all judgements now.

7) I rid all falsehood inside of that which I think I am.

8) I forgive myself and others.

9) I have no enemies.  (Others may do harm to themselves, I understand that they are not enemies)

10) I am open to the rivers and oceans of bliss.

11) I rid all false and idle speech.

12) I love myself and I walk in love, always.

13) I acknowledge and I give thanks

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