Aguas Buenas Botanicas Bodhi Yuj has deep roots hard to see.

As with any seed, its growth begins underground.

Sharing Compassion

Founded by Grandmaster A-Chi-To through the creation of many other systems. One may think it takes its roots from the east when that is not the complete truth.

Aguas Buenas Botanicas takes its roots from all over as it is a blend of all traditions in a simpler method for todays time.


Encountering everyone in some positive way.

Touching others one at a time.



One thing we must do is look at the world, creation we are in. Most people speak about how the world needs help. So many things are talked about but what is really real? Who are these people speaking? Who am I?

How to best serve the world? Health and well being are very important matters. Our ability and will to live happily and harmonious are dependent upon these things. So how well do we understand them?

Through Master Shane’s training and experience, comes the first material for Aguas Buenas Botanicas. Focused upon self healing and meditation techniques that have produced favorable results. Breaking through gloomy depression, dark days into joyous light every day. Tremendously healing emotions and mental states into a new being.

Bodhi Yuj is our system of no system. Meaning, it is to be integrated with any other system. It provides the framework for achieving that union within yourself. Realizing your full potential and awakening to the wonders of life.

Healing Research Institute is our creative research structure in the aim of advancing healing results. Creating a universal structure that supports the evolution of healing methods.