The 21 point meditation technique is built within Bodhi Yuj. This practice itself is very powerful and opens up many channels within body and mind. Helping to release and ease tension, stress, and worry. Our method is also built through many energy transmissions. That is why self healing is taken with great care.


If you are interested in meditation at any level. The 21 point meditation technique is for you. It is an integrative approach with your own practice and faith inside.

It is much better to resolve personal issues through sitting in meditation than to walk around with them. 


We all have our own ways to mend and heal. That is why Aguas Buenas Botanicas is here, developing Bodhi Yuj. To help and assist those who really do want to heal and mend their ways and past.  We all have our own personal issues to resolve and work out. Finding ourselves through this world and accepting that. Building that relationship with the inner self. A technique any one of any faith can use and integrate. To bring about more blessings, healing, peace, compassion and love. Bringing balance and joy to body and mind. Lifting spirits so to speak.


The 21 point meditation is beginning practice to help open the channels and pathways of body. Allowing body to be established in state of homeostasis. At peace and well being. Through personal experience this method has been known to be good.

Through our years of experience and interaction. Many things have been created and shared. And so, many emotions have been experienced. It is easy to hold onto our experiences and emotions even if they do not exist at this point in time, moment. Early in life, we may have been taught that we influence other peoples emotions such as our parents. Certain belief systems have been used for good purposes even though their fundamental reality is false. At one point in time, we must look at the world and ourselves in which we are a part of.

Taking time each day to sit with yourself brings profound enlightenment.

Embracing the stillness and silence part of life, existence.

Aguas Buenas Botanicas offers basic worldwide meditation practice times. Where basic practitioners can sit with themselves together. Without getting into personal beliefs, we can still sit together in union. There is a part inside of us that is already in union.


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